Stop Saying Addiction Disease is “Invisible.” It’s Killing People.

Two Emergency Room Case Vignettes

Vignette 1: Heart Attack Response

Vignette 2: Addiction Disease Relapse Response

When we call something “invisible” it makes it much easier to ignore and disregard. If it can’t be seen, then why bother attending to it? Nothing can be done if it is invisible, right? That’s the mentality that gets created when we call mental health and addiction diseases invisible.

Did you spot the differences?

Did you see anything that was the same?

“…the fact of the matter is that when someone in distress walks through the doors of any healthcare facility they deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and empathy for whatever they are experiencing.”

Invisibility Kills



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Matt DeMasi

Matt DeMasi

Mental Health Professional, Synesthete, Foodie. My Real Housewives Intro would be: “I’m loud, proud, and Profound.”